Tailor-made holidays plus the British touch

Original Travel, the British custom travel specialist with a track record spanning almost fifteen years, wields a team of fifty people including 30 specialists excelling in nearly 70 countries. As travel enthusiasts themselves, they are specifically trained to profile their clients and select exactly the right services aimed at delivering an unforgettable experience through every journey they organise. Original Travel’s portfolio include feats like preparing Prince William and Kate Middleton’s honeymoon, an event that brought the tour operator into the spotlight.

Today, its clientele mainly includes British and US travellers looking for a refined service with the inimitable British touch. Since it joined the Voyageurs du Monde group in 2017, Original Travel has been developing a service package never before available on the Anglo-American marketplace: more than 60 dedicated concierges, access to British airport lounges, fast-track processing and a whole range of personalised services during the holiday. The tour operator is highly attentive to detail and places special emphasis on the gastronomy, visual excellence and charm of the places travelled.

In addition to tailor-made holidays, the brand includes a leading edge diving team (Original Diving) and a department providing reception services for US agencies (Original Travelo UK – OTUK). Based in Putney, London, the agency mainly operates by telephone and across the Internet. Its ambition is to base its development on Voyageurs du Monde to ultimately bring the “emotional customisation” approach to the entire Anglo-American world of travel. On its side, Voyageurs du Monde contributes its know-how and it full range of atdestination services conciergerie, exclusive accommodations, 24/24 assistance etc.) to its new subsidiary.